Walter Perdan visual artist

Welcome to my experimental website!

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Experimental site made with made for testing and developing a better website.

This is my first post in this website. I discovered Netlify services not so much time ago, but i hope to develop a better portal for my two websites: and

I use - the first - to show my interactive works and the second to present my artistic research in general. I am a visual artist that works in different fields: Painting, sculpture, drawing and in the past also performance. I have also a passion for computer science and programming languages, and this interest brought me to the interaction world. I hope that you will found something interesting in this website and the other, and you may appreciate it.

This website is built as already said with Netlify very interresting service, if you need and if you have time take a look at.

I have no idea of the future of this website if i have time i will post my result here.

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